Kristia (Level 1)

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Familiarity and facility with mainstream social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Solid understanding of the internet and social media marketing best practices.

Jobs by Kristia

Want to launch an attractive event on your social media business page? Want to promote your offline marketing event with the boost of online marketing event? Want to schedule an online event with professional plan and limited budget? All are here. An event analysis report will be offered at the end.

Feel burdened to update routine post on your social media business page? Feel difficult to create attractive post on your social media business page? I can help you to make customized content and interesting topic on your social media business page, copywriting and photos includes. All content is based on characteristics of your business and the social media platform you choose. Two posts per day.

Professional and customized analysis report that keeps an eye on your fans/ posts and long-term performance of your social media business pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.