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Jobs by Kiko07

I will make a collage with your photos. Ideal for a gift. Ideal for family pictures and great memory. Do not wait, just order a gig and surprise your family.

I will teach you origami stuff for $5

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I will send you an video to show you how to make a dog,duck,cat or other stuff. Send me anything you want. I will help you to creat it.

I will give you a recipie for american pancakes for $5

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They are delicious and everyone will be surprised when taste that pancakes. They are easy to prepare and so delicious. You will love it.

If you want to learn how work with MOP 2010 without spending a time send me an order. Every unit talks about one thing which is connected with MOP 2010. Language: english

The book is written by John Eastwood. It is amazing because it has a units with explanations of verbs,nouns etc. It is amazing because under the unit is exercise. Answers are on the end of the book.

I will edit your picture with professionl program. It has amazing black and white shadows and lines. So your picture will look like a real. Lines on face will be drown like by a hand. Every dertail will bw sketched.